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Due Diligence

Real Estate Due Diligence

Due Diligence of Real Estate Property and Possessory Rights​

Pinzón, Hidalgo & Bárcenas has carried out, participated and coordinated, since its foundation, in multiple processes of sale of real estate, possessory rights and purchase and sale of companies or businesses in operation; for which it has developed a careful process of due diligence.

It is a comprehensive and specific investigation service of the legal, cadastral, fiscal and physical (in the field), of the real estate properties, including possessory rights, concessions granted and in process; and, the titling processes in general.

  • Real estate research in urban, rural, and special regime areas, such as the Casco Viejo of Panama City.

  • Legal history - registration of farms and horizontal property.

  • Verification of cadastral value and official certifications.

  • Verification of registered values ​​and statements of account before the General Directorate of Income of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

  • Coordination and physical inspection of properties and possessory rights.

  • Verification and feasibility studies of the purchase or sale of possessory rights.

  • Coordination of processes of revaluation or updating of cadastral values.

  • Review of titling processes, purchase or administrative concessions before national and local authorities.

  • Preparation of documentation for administrative formalities of titling and concessions.

  • Processing of Titling and Concessions procedures in rural, urban, municipal and adjacent areas to beaches.

  • Study and preparation of documentation for judicial processes of acquisitive prescription of domain, delineations and demarcations, measures and boundaries and processes of land in general.

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